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Connect with our audiologists at one of our NB Hearing branches in the Cape. Our Wynberg branch is located close to Kenilworth and is open weekdays to service the Southern Suburbs community in the Western Cape. We offer hearing tests and assessments, hearing aids, hearing aid fittings and repairs. We also assist those who suffer from tinnitus with measures that provide relief. Our reliable tests are conducted by qualified and experienced audiologists who have a passion for patients and hearing health. We believe in the importance of connecting with each other which is why we focus on hearing. It is difficult to connect with people if you struggle to hear them.

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    The NB Hearing Test Process

    We take careful care with each of our patients and treat them individually when conducting tests and treatment protocols. We focus not only on the actual testing procedure but on all the aspects during and after the test. Our soundproof booths are suitably equipped to conduct reliable hearing tests with all our equipment calibrated to medical standards each year. In special cases we conduct tests at homes or medical establishments with specialised equipment to do just that. We explain everything that we do to the patient throughout the testing process, with emphasis on what we are doing and why it is necessary. We then take the time to discuss the hearing test results with each patient in detail. If treatment is then required, we explore all options relevant to the patient’s needs in depth. This is a personalised treatment process we pride ourselves on. We spend up to 2 hours with new patients when conducting an in-depth hearing assessment or test with a lifestyle assessment included and a proper feedback session. We do not rush our appointments and take the time to make each patient feel like their needs have been properly met when making use of our services.

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