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Whether it’s commuting to work, fulfilling family obligations, or managing health crises, every task seems harder without a vehicle. What if the cost of your car payments becomes unbearable, and you have no choice but to consider it? That is where AutoFin Assist steps in. Choosing to refinance your car can be a practical and viable solution if you are struggling to keep up with your payments. We can assist you in refinancing your car, preventing this undesirable situation.

What to know before you refinance your car

Vehicle refinancing allows you to obtain a new loan with more favourable conditions, such as a reduced interest rate or a prolonged repayment term. This can decrease your monthly payments, making your financial commitments more manageable. Besides easing the strain of high monthly payments, refinancing also provides instant access to the equity you have built up thus far in your vehicle. This freed-up capital can be used for other unexpected expenses, thereby enhancing your financial security.

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    The Benefits Of Vehicle Refinancing

    1. Streamline your interest rates

    Venturing into the realm of car refinancing could reveal opportunities for lower interest rates, which could result in significant savings throughout the duration of your loan. We assist our clients in discovering more competitive rates to decrease their monthly outlays, boost their cash flow, and improve their overall financial health.

    1. Lower your repayment sum

    By refinancing your car, you can effectively decrease your repayment amount, which can offer a welcome respite for those grappling with hefty monthly payments. Our goal is to negotiate more favourable terms to reduce this monthly financial commitment.

    1. Gain immediate access to cash

    Your car isn’t just a vehicle; it’s also a potential source of funds when you need them! When refinancing your vehicle, you have the option to leverage the equity you have accumulated over time, essentially borrowing against your car’s value. This immediate cash injection can be used to manage other essential or unforeseen costs.


    Refinance Your Car with AutoFin Assist

    Our application process is quick and easy. Start by filling out our brief online form to kick off the process. Once received, one of our friendly consultants will get in touch with you to discuss your application further and collect any additional information required. After, we will review and finalise your application before getting back to you with the results. This streamlined process ensures that we are thorough and efficient in handling your request.

    Do you want to refinance your car? Reach out to our dedicated team today for more information.

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